“Peace at Home, Peace in the World” ― Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

Ever jump into a new dimension where you have to immediately assimilate yourself into your new surroundings before everyone figures out you’re not from their side of the galaxy?

Yeah me neither but I definitely felt like that after my trip in Turkey.  It feels weird to be driving after walking everyday in Istanbul and hiking amongst the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia.

Always nice to have friends that live in different countries who are willing to let you crash at their flats and be your translator/tour guide.

Not having to pay for a hotel means more money for playing tourist. The Hagia Sophia was free, but most other historical sites had an admission fee.

Street food was plentiful and delicious. For less than 5YTL, this kumpir (baked potato on steroids) kept me going for almost a whole day.

Less than an hour after I got back into LA I received a text from my agent for an audition. Jet lag begone! And I’m back. I also now have an insatiable curiosity for Islam as the beauty of this religion was made clear to me 5 times a day in Turkey … not in a spiritual but academic sense.  If books expand the mind, traveling blows the mind. Which is why I’m willing to survive on a diet of cereal for the next year so I can save up money for my next foreign adventure.


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