“I used to like Hot Wheels when I was little.” – Caine Monroy

I finally made a visit to Caine’s Arcade!

The bf attempted the “Labyrinth”.

Meanwhile I tried my best at the “Claw Machine”. No stuffed animals for me though.  Between the two of us we were able to win a couple tickets, but figured the toy prizes were for the actual kids who came to play.

I can’t believe Caine is only nine years old!! Kids like him give me hope for the future.


“I want to help other people have their own little Royal T’s (magical places where they can eat and entertain) right in their own homes and offices.” – Susan Hancock

Sad that Royal T is now officially closed. Great art, cute maids, yummy rice bowls, and an eclectic boutique that sold everything from kitty sushi displays –

– to adorable jewelry. Had to resist the urge to buy this pretty ring.

Glad that they’re taking the traveling art show route, complete with pop-up restaurants! Farewell Royal T. See you on the road!

“My dream was to have a little stand with six stools around it and cook.” -Chef Roy Choi

For Dine LA last week I went to A-Frame. Been meaning to check this place out because of the hype surrounding Roy Choi. I like that they re-used an IHOP building.  Nice laid back atmosphere and Anthropologiesque table settings. Just wish the food was actually …. well, good.

For $35, you got a 3-course meal.  For the first course you could have either Naples Center Tripa –

or Island Farmer’s Market Salad –

To me, eating tripe feels like having a furry animal trying to escape from your mouth, so I went with the salad. Shaved Maui onions, tofu, fried garlic, seasonal fruit, and ginger shoyu vinaigrette.  I barely remember what it tasted like.

For the second course I went with the Blue Crab Cakes, which were about as special as a prepackaged dish from the frozen section of Trader Joe’s.

The boy went with buttermilk fried chicken, which came with sweet potato salad and zucchini cole slaw.  The meat was dry and the only flavor you got was from using the dipping sauces.

My friend got the Veggie Nest. Everyone tried a bite. Then we ignored this dish for the rest of the meal.

Finally came dessert. I’ve always had a sweet tooth, so I was looking forward to the Big Ass Ice Cream Sandwich. Sadly, it didn’t even come close to the joy of biting into Diddy Riese Cookies.  The cookies were cold, and the ice cream tasted more vanilla than peanut butter.

We also shared the rhubarb pie, which was more crust than rhubarb.

Overall, I was unimpressed with my dining experience. The service was friendly but slow.  Will never eat here again unless my meal is free.