“Happiness comes in all colors of the rainbow!” – Hello Kitty

I have a crazy sweet tooth, it’s a wonder I don’t have more cavities. For the past two years I’ve made it my mission to try every frozen yogurt store in SoCal. Twirl has a large selection of gummy candy plus chunks of red velvet cake with extra cream cheese frosting. Cherry On Top has dividers to keep your yogurt flavors from melting into a gooey mess in your cup. And the Yogurt Stop is a sexy (check out their logo) way to cool off after a night of clubbing in WeHo. But even with the numerous choices in LA, somehow I always end up at Yogurtland, the Starbucks of frozen yogurt chains.  Their flavors aren’t particularly fantastic, for actual digestible fro-yo I prefer Pinkberry, so for me it’s all about the toppings and easy accessibility. And Hello Kitty cuteness!!

Sanrio merchandise extends past spoons and cups, you can also get key chains, buttons, tote bags, T-shirts and coin purses featuring Little Twin Stars, Tuxedo Sam, Badtz-Maru etc. I snagged an extra (“free”) yogurt cup because it featured San Francisco. And now it doubles as my makeup holder.

It’s a nice improvement from the plastic ziploc bag I was using before.


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