It was 99 cents …

Mmm, getting hungry again just by looking at this. Nongshim ramen, if only there was a contest I could enter to win a lifetime supply of you.




trying new food

Growing up in Wisconsin, my knowledge of Asians was limited to Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, and Vietnamese people. I had no idea Filipinos even existed. Fast forward to my life in California, and after two years of performing with a Filipino theater company, I still haven’t eaten at a Filipino restaurant. Well, I finally got the change to eat at Little Ongpin and am trying to find an excuse to go back so I can enjoy their turon again AND buy more pastries from their neighboring bakery Auntie Dee’s.

My friend Chad got a whole loaf of pan de sal that was still warm.

I tried an ensaymada.


And got some chocolate to go –


Simple ingredients


Little Ongpin is Filipino Chinese fusion. Any suggestions for straight-up Filipino restaurants?