Return of the Cafeteria

When I was a kid, I always got hot lunch at school. One of my favorite cafeteria meals was a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup. So I decided to make some for lunch.

White bread is so bad for you, but tastes so good. Making tomato soup from scratch was  laborious. I should have bought more tomatoes to give it more substance, but it wasn’t terrible for my first attempt.

soupGrated some Parmesan on top since I’m an adult now.
When I was in Catholic school, I always got excited when we got chocolate chip Blondies for dessert. I actually had no idea what they were called when I was kid. I just knew they were good. So good, that I had to make them.
chocochipsBefore …
trayAnd after …
bakedServed on top a plate of bananas.


The Batter Strikes Back


I’m a big fan of The Pioneer Woman, so I decided to make Edna Mae’s Sour Cream Pancakes.

ingredeitnsThe sour cream gives the batter an interesting texture.
Butter up!
Making a stack takes time, so I caught up on some music videos.
None for my friend.
In the afternoon I made some guacamole. Slicing jalapenos agitated my skin, so I ended up wearing rubber gloves to do all my cutting. Hot stuff.

Into the Kitchen

Been cat sitting for some good friends of mine. Since they have three cats that need to be fed three times a day, I’ve been living in their apartment and taking advantage of their spacious kitchen to cook from scratch as much as possible. Here is part 1 of my efforts:

Eggs in a basket:
egg eggtoast

Chocolate banana cake:
cake aerial

I mixed & matched ingredients from this and that recipe. In the end, I wish I had added more bananas and used white sugar instead of brown. The brown sugar made it too dense.
I didn’t have a double burner so I made one.
meltchoco tea
So hard to resist eating this whole bowl of melted chocolate.
My friend helped make the frosting.
Always good to have a friend in the kitchen.